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August 25th, 2018, 4:39 am


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another page~ ^^ Oof,I think starting next month,I will be posting 3 comick pages. Monthly. So,that I could have a break from working and I will draw the things that I want to draw =u=

Though,tbh,I don't mind people hating my comick and I respect their opinion. But,it's just the things that I don't like is how some people say about my comick being related to SSEC and all. Like ripoff,copy or such. TBH,a few parts of my comick is inspired by SSEC. But,most of them or almost entirely are heavily or highly inspired by songs,the animes/movies that I watch,IRL stuff and the things that goes around on my imagination. So,yeah,pls guys ^^; Just enjoy the comick as you continue on or gone deeper into the story,you will know how heavily different it is from SSEC OuO
Reyna178, August 25th, 2018, 4:59 am Reply
Advertisement, May 23rd, 2019, 5:54 pm Reply

Btw you copied Dawn's hair from SSEC. Not to be mean though.
@Dawn_The_Espeon123: Okay, could you people please back off and not accuse Reyna about every little thing being copied off of SSEC? (I’m not just talking to you, Dawn_The_Espeon123, I’m talking to ANYONE who has made a “u stole this from SSEC” comment.)
Those types of comments are completely unneeded, and don’t bring up good points for the so-called “thievery” anyways.
“Btw you copied Dawn's hair from SSEC. Not to be mean though.”
No? That’s a common hair style??
“Btw u stole a face from SSEC”
Just because SSEC uses a face a few times doesn’t mean pinkeevee has ownership over it. It’s just an expression?? How is that thievery??
“Copycat is ripping off SSEC you stole the guest pictures and other comics I hate this comic so much goodbye”
Okay but SSEC isn’t the only comic to do guest pictures. It’s a coding thing :/
Pinkeevee and Reyna are even friends! Pink seems to have no problems with this comic, and loves it. And Reyna wouldn’t just steal from a friend like that! These accusations are ridiculous, and do nothing but sadden the author!
So ... could you all please stop, like Reyna has previously calmly and politely asked you?
Thank you.
@Just a Bystander: Yes, you are right, but you didn't need to say it so rudely.
@IryrasmoD: Yeah, sorry, I can see how my comment came off that way. Typically, I’m not that rude, but I was admittedly a little angry about this whole thing ^^”
I hate the fact that Reyna has to go around feeling bad about herself, just because people keep calling her a thief and ripoff, even after she has politely asked them to quit saying that. So if someone needs to be a little harsh to make it stop, then a guest that no one cares about is perfect for the job! XD
But yeah. Sorry if I offended or hurt any peeps out there! Just trying to make a stand to get the accusations to end :3
@Just a Bystander: Honestly,I don't know what to say... (;TvT)

But,thanks for explaining and for the help as well. It really means a lot o(〃^▽^〃)o
@Reyna178: (@•@) (+-+) (>0∆0<) 8) '-' (#v#)
@Just a Bystander: and to add to this wall of text he LITERALLY asked the creator of ssec of he could get some inspiration from there comic
@Just a Bystander: SHUT
@Dawn_The_Espeon123: why should he huh?
@Just a Bystander: I agree. also, the guest pfp from ssec is in itself inspired by the anon thing from tumblr
@SSEC LOVER!!!: Let's just stop this 'Thing' and get this over with. And I'm watching you haters. I'm watching you...
@SSEC LOVER!!!: dude you should stop fighting before bad things happen -__-
@SSEC LOVER!!!: I agree I love SSEC better then this to much shading ripoff
@Guest: can you f***ing SHUT UP!?!?
@Guest: nah
@Guest: I'm gonna cut you
@SSEC LOVER!!!: I agree he/she stole to much from SSEC
@Guest: f you
Also first
@Dawn_The_Espeon123: think again loser
Tbh I don’t know why some people criticize things that have barely started, it just doesn’t make sense to me =<=
Oh and, that face in panel 3 is priceless, as well as the face of the last comic
@Eevee power: Yeah,lol. Chibu Shaun ouo
What? Uh.....What?
@Matthew: What's what :u
Ignore the haters,even if some stuff was inspired by ssec, it doesn't make it a ripoff.
@Kittenwishstar: I am actually ignoring the haters and all. lol
How did I miss this??????????

I am here now

And drowning in the starry eyes everywhere aaaaa
@WiispNightmare: looolll,starry eyes.

Like, everywhere, dude. @Reyna178: all your eyes are always shiney and starry and beautiful, they look awesome tho
@Ilikestuffpro: lol thanks ^^
@Reyna178: Maybe I have them now too, since everyone else does

@Silvertheumbreon: \(・ω・)b Approved~
I don't care if it is ripping ssec or whatever I still like it btw my birthday is coming soon.... Like noo one care's :-(
@Freezer-Bug: Oh?? When is your birthday actually?
@Reyna178: September 13 1994
@Freezer-Bug: September 13? Kay kay
@Freezer-Bug: OOH HAPPY B-DAY! W-When it is September 13...
@Freezer-Bug: you shouldn't share personal info online.
I don't want people thinking my comic is copying SSEC too... I know how you feel :)
@EeveeEmyyy: yeah... Though,me and nee-sama's style are totally different =<=
@EeveeEmyyy: I am creating a comic soon but I don't want people saying I'm ripping off SSEC but when I drew some charecters my Abu-....I don't wanna say said its copy right :(
Did Danny escaped the PC?
@Dawn_The_Espeon123: Nope,he didn't o<o
@Reyna178: I want to fav your comic but I'm only 9 I can't sign up :(
@Dawn_The_Espeon123: WELL I AM 11
This has potential. I'll give a fav for now.
@Enderstar: lol,okay. And thanks ^^
@Reyna178: Though unbelievable through my favorites list, (lol) it's not often to find a good comic. I've seen a LOT of comics, and this one will turn out just fine if the great work keeps up. I look forward to reading it in the future. Long and unnecessary paragraphs are long and unnesesary.
the third panel though.
@TheOnlyStraightGuy: Chibbuuuu
@Guest: Well that's rude. If you didn't like the comic you could have just kept it to yourself.
Stop @Guest: Reyna says that she will ignore the haters and you STOP
mhm @Dawn_The_Espeon123: Dawn, I don't understand why you said that "Btw you stole Dawn's hair" comment. What about you stop saying that Reyna copied SSEC
DONT COMPLAIN WHAT I SAID! @Amber_From_TGEE: Stop! Don't complain it!!! I don't know that Reyna and Tina are friends!!!!! I know that Reyna made this comic that is inspired by SSEC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you create a comic when you are over 14, DONT MAKE A COMIC THAT IS RIPPING OFF SSEC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@Dawn_The_Espeon123: stop you.... You hurt my feelings.. TBH Dawn, don't be so hyper
@Amber_From_TGEE and @Dawn_The_Espeon123: Nu fighting,fighting is bad. Honestly,I don't care about haters,cuz I can't change their opinions and also because I am not them. So,they got their own reasons why. O<O
@Reyna178: stop you!
@Dawn_The_Espeon123: kay
@Guest: lol okay
@The Police (EeveeTeeV): lol I would like to see u try
@Guest: Message to u:
@EeveeTeeV: I say to guy who was like
@EeveeTeeV: ok a gift 4 u to... Enjoy
Shaun vs dusk
Danny vs vay
To be honest I’d say your charters would win. There at like lvl 31
@Dancing alpaca
Dusk and Vay are both about level 32, also Dusk has a secret magic like power so I beg to differ......
@Excalibeon: Dusk and Vay are level 15. Me saw their bio apps. Plus,it's true Dusk and Vay got special abilities...

*Is about to say something else,but,shrugs it off* O<O lol
What is Leafeon's name? Is Leafeon a girl? I want Leafeon to be a girl. Is Amber an Espeon? When you will add Leafeon, Espeon, and Eevee to the characters section
@Amber_From_TGEE: The leafeon's name is Raflesia. And yes,she is a girl. There is also another glaceon who is also a girl and is named Coreen. The eevee is female. Her name is Mia. ouo I'll add them if I got time to do their refs =u=
@Reyna178: oh okay OwO
Last Pannel: Nani??!
When are you posting TGEE Comic # 7
Vaporeon Does Danny like Raflesia because I would say yes no ofense
This comic... It’s barely even started and I want more. Can’t wait to see where everything goes with this!!!
@Draethon: C'mon Reyna, you can do better than this!
@BlizzXDaisy111: why you responding to me??? I’m excited not pressuring. Like it just started you don’t need to be rude.
@Draethon: I know! I just finished other eeveelution webcomics (I highly recommend SSEC and Eevee Academy) so I went to this one, which I enjoyed, but it was so short! @Reyna: Please update!
@AgentOfChaos : same to you.
UPDATE @Reyna178: update!!!!!!
@Update!!!!: he's right!!!! UPDATE TGEE REYNA!
@EVERYONE HATES DAWN: you're right but you don't need to say that so rudely
@Oh Shoot It That Boi: *bans Oh Shoot It That Boi*
@EVERYONE HATES DAWN: please be patient.
@KAT the guesty guest of the gues: *ignores*
Guys,didn't you read the announcement? I am taking a break for a month from the comic.

Why? Because I need it. Or else I will be get stress from it. I'll go back to posting comic next month. Don't worry ^^
@Reyna178: I'm so sorry! I didn't realize.
I didn't see how bad the complaints were 'till now... rip. Know that this is a great comic, even if it may not seem so with the haters.
Too all hater's out there I like to see you guys make a comic by
yourself and get hate like it copying ex it just get old why cant other's be more nice for once It can bate you in the back if you don't do sumthing nice every now and then.
@Freezer-Bug: Great remark, very true, I completely agree.
Vay hates Danny according to the ask blog
One year later.....

@Reyna178: Naw I love your comic
Whyyyyyyyyy Does everyone keep saying that shes coping

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